Finding an Pianist in Chicago For a Wedding

As a fellow pianist (I have actually played my fair share of wedding events), what does it cost? What you pay the pianist truly depends upon how many songs you are having them play. Look at it this way … in extreme cases, couple of pianists can simply show up to the wedding, sit down and start playing the music without ever having actually practiced them. Feel in one’s bones that your wedding pianist has actually needed to prepare by practicing and ensuring all the music is represented.

If you have an hour’s worth of music selected out, then you ought to pay a little more than if you have 30 minutes worth of music. I would say anywhere from $75 – $125 depending the amount of music you have. I’m getting wed in two weeks and I will be paying my event pianist probably someplace in the location of $125 or two however I have actually requested numerous challenging pieces of music and I feel for her!

With that said, the very best thing to do would be to figure out a cost that you feel is fair and one that is based on the amount of music you have asked for! Hope this helps!

Will my guests have the ability to chat over the top of your piano playing?

I can guarantee you that your visitors will be able to talk easily whilst enjoying the piano music. The piano is a gorgeous instrument. It forms a lovely backdrop to conversations in romantic and advanced settings when it is played sensitively.

As a fellow pianist (I have actually played my reasonable share of weddings), how much you pay the pianist actually depends on how numerous tunes you are having them play. Look at it this method … really few pianists can simply reveal up to the wedding event, sit down and begin playing the music without ever having actually practiced them. Just understand that your wedding event pianist has had to prepare by practicing and making sure all of the music is accounted for.

Do I need to rent a piano in Chicago?

Here in Chicago,the going rate is at least $200 per hour. Remember that even if your pianist isn’t playing for a full 60 minutes, she or he might need to invest at least this much time at your venue. If you are employing a professional, years of preparation entered into his or her training and more than likely, your pianist had to practice your music beforehand. Also here’s another recommendation. If you’re looking to actually rent a piano, I highly recommend that you find a good piano moving company to make sure it’s properly setup at the venue. From our research the best local piano moving company in Chicago is C-Town Piano Movers. They have incredible reviews and experience moving pianos for weddings specifically.

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